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Cleantech News Round-Up | Volume 2

Updated: Feb 28

Happy New Year!

We’re back with another news round-up to give you the latest scoop on what’s happening across cleantech. Take a look!


The Green Tech Trends to Watch in 2024

With the cleantech sector continuing to grow and garner more attention in the face of rising global temperatures, it’s key to understand where the industry is heading

At COP28, oil and gas were major targets - and even saw nearly 200 countries agreeing to begin reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. However, no guidelines or plans were set in place, leaving nations to figure out how to offset their impact by themselves.

This could potentially shift the focus to carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) technologies, retrofitting the built environment with // retrofitting with heat pumps and window technologies, as well as renewable advancements in solar and wind power.

Grab Your Helmet: The Viking Link is Live

Viking Link, the world’s longest electricity cable connection, went online last week. Directly pumping electrons from Denmark all the way to the UK, this massive project was built over 765 miles beneath the North Sea by Energinet with help from their partner, the UK National Grid.

This project opens up another route for Denmark to export their wind-powered energy, expanding their market greatly.

The EU’s Innovation Fund Continues to Flourish: 17 New Start-Ups Receive Millions

One of the world’s largest funding programmes, the EU’s Innovation Fund, which focuses on low-carbon tech, has announced more than €65 million for 17 cleantech start-ups.

The grants will range from €1.6 to €4.5m across the projects, which aim to help each of the initiatives find their financial footing and make a smooth sail into operation.

The Rise of Renewables: Keeping Our Hopes High for 2024

As the world sets its eyes on the messy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, a few key factors are making experts hopeful.

For example, energy storage has been boosted across the United States. California’s grid battery capacity has increased by tenfold in just the last ten years. This carves a less-cloudy path for a reliable supply of renewable energy. Other states are exemplifying the possibility of a smooth transition to cleaner energy; Maine has been successfully replacing boilers and furnaces with heat pumps - even in cold climates.

Perhaps even more exciting, however, is the progress made in 2023 throughout the finance industry. Core technologies (like heat pumps and batteries) are becoming more affordable, and thus closer to overcoming the inertia of the transition.

Imperial London Launches the Cleantech Innovation MSc

Imperial College London has just launched its new interdisciplinary MSc programme dedicated to cleantech innovation.

Starting in October 2024, students will spearhead the deeptech and design skills needed to approach the climate challenge, collaborate with designers, engineers, and scientists, and eventually launch their very own cleantech venture - taking advantage of London’s start-up ecosystem.


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