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Cleantech News Round-Up | Volume 1

Updated: Feb 28

In the run-up to Tomorrow Matters 2.0, we're focusing on the latest, greatest, and greenest in environmental technology. 


£89M UK Government Cash Injection Goes to Green Transport

Twenty green transport initiatives have received a whopping wave of investment funded by the UK Government and its industry partners. The most significant chunk of change (£67 million) will go directly to collaborative R&D programs. This move aims to tackle four specialised innovation challenges, with goals set to cut the sector's carbon footprint by over 65 million tonnes over ten years.

The US Air Force Goes Green

The United States Air Force's newest project, spearheaded by Boeing and NASA, aims to slash fuel consumption by 30%. The new X-66A will be fitted with a Transonic Truss-Braced Wing, a fuel-saving wing configuration that has been fine-tuned over the last decade. 

This project will propel the Air Force in a more sustainable and economic direction.

Rock Weathering Start-Up Secures $12M in Funding

Carbon extraction start-up UNDO has scored a massive $12M in fundraising. The company aims to utilise the money in its rock weathering initiatives, promising to deplete a million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere permanently by 2025. CCO Ryan King spoke at last year's Tomorrow Matters conference on what constitutes a fundable green-tech venture.

New High in UK Cleantech Investment

Cleantech for UK's first annual report found that investment in the clean energy and transport sectors had almost doubled in 2022 from the previous two years. However, this "vibrant" and progressive sector also has it's challenges, and will need to focus on upkeeping the climate initiatives to meet objectives.


Join a Better Tomorrow!

Tomorrow Matters 2024 will highlight the cleantech industry's latest developments, challenges, and opportunities - with a focus on how investment can shift the future. 

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